Fanfiction Appreciation Week, Day 1

Day 1 Monday: Your all time favorite fanfiction that strengthened your feels towards a certain otp, friendship, or story.

My choice may be a little different, but my favorite fanfic that truly changed the way I feel about fan fiction in general is Butterfliesby MissHoneywell.

While reading the books, the aspect of a broken, hijacked Peeta always fascinated me. I felt like what the hijacking actually did to him was just release his inner demons. The anger that swelled inside of him from his mother’s abuse, the situation of growing up in District 12, and the pain of his unrequited love was finally allowed to surface.

What Butterflies does is show what would have happened if Peeta had given in to those voices on his own in a modern AU setting. She also makes Katniss as disturbed as he is and brings them together as two broken killers.

MissHoneywell weaves together images of Peeta’s violent tendencies and his dangerous obsession with Katniss all while he is trying to protect her in his own deviant way. He tries to be careful not to crush her like he wants to, but when he comes too close, he finds out that she likes it.

Whether or not its a good thing, this story single-handedly made me a die-hard Dark!Peeta fan.

Thank you MissHoneywell for giving someone like me, who likes her characters a little more flawed and a little more sinister, fantastic and wonderfully written stories to read.

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